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tv   Today  NBC  March 28, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. finally free. >> i'm so grateful that i have my life back. >> an emotional amanda knocks speaking out overnight after italy's highest court overturns her murder conviction this time for good. this morning, the man who won her freedom in court speaks out in his first american interview. warning signs. new questions this morning about the co-pilot who crashed his plane into the alps on the heels of new reports that he was being treated for depression and startling revelations from an ex-girlfriend. we are live in germany. home sweet home. astronaut scott kelly spending his first full day aboard the international space station where he'll live the next year. this morning, his twin brother
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and fellow astronaut remains on the ground as part of a scientific experiment that could one day send a man or woman to mars. and the elite eight. four more teams advance keeping the dream alive, michigan state upsetting oklahoma next stop the final four. the best teams tip-off for that chance today, saturday march 28th, 2015. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. >> nice to see everybody together this morning. lester is enjoying the morning off. you can only imagine the relief foray manned a knocks and her family seven and a half years after this case this episode. >> that's true. a lot of people were surprised
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when the news came down overnight. >> that's right. we want to get to our top story, amanda knocks. she was acquitted of murder charges by italy's highest court. she spoke briefly from seattle, her home making an emotional statement how grateful she was to finally have her life back. kelly cobiella is in rome where the ruling came down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. this was a stunning decision late last night. the case against amanda knocks and her former boyfriend now closed. the judge's decision could not have been clearer. wiping out the convictions and ending knox's ordeal in italy for good. now exonerated with her murder conviction overturned amanda knocks broke her long silence late friday night. >> i am incredibly grateful for what has happened for the justice i received for support
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i had from everyone and i am so grateful to have my life back. >> reporter: at italy's highest court, deliberations lasted more than ten hours. late friday the five judge panel overturned both murder convictions. >> this was a mistake, it was a mistake from the beginning. should have not waited all these years. >> reporter: it has been nearly seven and a half years since meredith kercher was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in italy. knocks and her former boyfriend were convicted of her murder in 2009 acquitted in 2011 then convicted again last year. since knox's tearful return home after the acquittal, she seemed to move on with a memoir a job at a newspaper, and last month an engagement. although she told matt in 2013 she worried about prison she said she also had hope. >> there's no trace of me in the room where my friend was
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murdered. there's traces all over the place of the man who actually did this. rudi gud awas convicted, his dna was everywhere. >> reporter: the end of a long legal road no retrials no extradition, no more appeals. >> meredith was my friend and i'm the lucky one. >> reporter: in a statement, the kercher family said the decision came as a shock but they were ready to accept it. back to knox peter, we have it on good authority she now looks forward to returning to italy one day as a free woman. >> that's remarkable. thank you very much. the criminal case as we noted is now closed but there are still plenty of questions about what happens next for both amanda knocks and her former boyfriend. theodore simon is amanda knocks's attorney in the u.s.
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and carlo della ved da helped her get her freedom in that courtroom. gentlemen, good morning. congratulations, we appreciate your time. carlo, i want to start with you if i can. out of the gates, you were the one that called amanda knocks from italy to her home in seattle and broke the news the conviction was overturned. can you tell us more about that conversation that phone call? >> good morning to everybody and thank you very much. the first conversation of course she was very happy, crying couldn't say anything. she didn't expect to have a decision in the merit, because we are at the level of supreme court, this is one of the possibilities. we were preern ating that the supreme court decided not to retry her and take the decision to put the end to this story. so at the beginning, the first conversation with a man she was so happy could hardly speak. >> full exoneration in a case like this is extremely rare
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there were a series of options available to the justices in italy. give us an understanding how surprised you were by this clean acquittal. >> well we were looking for this. the surprise was partial. we had acquittal already before and it is a difficult case but at the end what matters was the evidence. there was no evidence. so we are clear contest tags of the motivation how the conviction was structured had to fail. we explained it to the supreme court and this has been recognized. actually the last conviction had more lack and contradiction on motivation so we were surprised but welcoming this decision. >> ted, this is a ruling seven years in the making four years of which amanda knocks spent behind bars. is this saga legal saga finally over? >> first i would say for
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clarification, extraordinary legal cudos are due and extended to carlo and lucy her long time italian lawyers that successfully argued the appeal responsible for giving her back her freedom. what i would say today is that this decision from the court announces once again to the world and with absolute finality that amanda knocks was previously wrongfully convicted and now rightfully acquitted and that she was not, absolutely not responsible for the tragic loss of meredith kercher. and just as amanda said yesterday, let us not forget that meredith was amanda's friend. i know amanda and her family want you to remember meredith and keep the kercher family in your prayers. it is a remarkable proper jus verdict. i know today is a day to be thankful and appreciative. and amanda knocks and all her
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family and supporters extend enormous gratitude, appreciation and thanks. >> thank you both very much. again, congratulations, gentlemen. investigators are still searching for answers at this point about the co-pilot who intentionally crashed that plane into the french alps. this morning there are newly published reports raising more questions about whether warning signs may have been missed. nbc katy tur is in germany this morning. good morning. >> reporter: in some ways these revelations have been revealing. for instance was this premeditated. they still don't know. right now investigators do have somewhere to start at least as they search this home. as recovery workers comb through the french alps painstakingly collecting debris and parts of victims, german prosecutors are combing through the life of the man they say caused it all,
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co-pilot andreas lubitz. carrying boxes of evidence and computers from his homes in dusseldorf and month bar, they say they found evidence he was ill, including doctors notes excusing him from work the day of the crash. notes he should have given to the airline, instead in pieces in a trash bin. the torn up sick note says the prosecutor support our assumption that he hid his illness. the prosecutor's office wouldn't elaborate what illness the doctor's note excused him for, but a hospital confirmed he was examined in february and as recently as march 10th. the hospital says they did not treat him for depression. today, germany's biggest tabloid quotes a woman who claims to be his ex-girlfriend. according to the paper, lubitz told her last year quote, one day i am going to do something that will change the whole system and everyone will know my name and remember. it is a claim nbc news cannot
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confirm. back at the crash site families mourn for 16 high school students two babies mothers, fathers, brothers sisters, daughters, and sons trying to find peace now that the worst is done. >> i don't feel anger, i am really sad for the father the parents of that young pilot. >> reporter: "the wall street journal is reporting that note was from a neuro psychologist for depression. nbc news hasn't been able to confirm that. while it might be a lead, it is important to note doesn't mean he will commit suicide, let alone homicide especially on this scale. >> katy tur, thank you. dr. ryan sugarman conducts mental health exams in the u.s. good morning. >> good morning. >> you conduct screenings for the faa. are you confident the current process allows you to detect
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whether a person is mentally fit to be at the controls or be in charge of hundreds of lives? >> i personally have confidence in the ee valtive system in the usa. i can't speak to the international way they're conducted, but in the u.s. the process for pilot application is fairly rigorous for current pilots that hold a medical certificate, if any concerns about their safety arise, if they receive any medical treatment, they're obligated to report that to their airline and to the faa which will trigger further evaluation. >> part of the issue could lie on whether a note is passed on as we see in this case. if someone is deemed unfit by a doctor is that doctor allowed by law to contact the airline, say i have reservations about this person maybe they shouldn't be in the cockpit? >> if a doctor has significant concern about public safety then there are instances in which the doctor can contact the
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faa and take measures to ensure public safety. >> so that can happen. is there anything then you said you're confident with that process in the u.s. we understand you can't speak to what happens in other countries, but should there be more consistency given there's so much international travel? >> sure. so obviously each country can adopt their own standards but there is a field of aviation medicine aviation industry neuropsychology, conferences held annually. i think this is an on-going area like anything elsewhere there's room for improvement and where coordination of efforts is definitely important between various countries and how these assessments are conduct. >> appreciate your time and expertise this morning. thank you. >> my pleasure. a decorated police officer in boston was injured overnight after a deadly shootout that took place there. sheinelle has more of that news. >> yes. good morning. a boston police officer seriously wounded in a shootout overnight was honored by
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president obama last year. police say 34-year-old john moynihan is fighting for his life after he was shot during a traffic stop. the suspect was killed by other officers. back in may moynihan received top cop award at the white house for his role in the gunbattle with the boston marathon bombers. a driver that helped 35 children evacuate a burning bus is called a hero. the quick thinking driver noticed smoke coming from the engine when she arrived at the school friday and swiftly got the kids off the bus. even tried to put out flames herself with an x continuing wisher. two children were treated at the scene but didn't have serious injuries. authorities are investigating a hang gliding accident. a 12-year-old boy and instructor were killed when it crashed into a dry lakebed south of las vegas. police say the instructor and experienced hang glider was with
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the boy at the time of the accident. more follow-up over hillary clinton's use of private e-mails while secretary of state. friday the head of the congressional committee investigating benghazi says clinton's lawyer informed him her e-mail server was wiped clean after she turned over work related e-mails to the state department. secretary of state john kerry ordered review of record keeping at the state department as a result of the scandal. american astronaut scott kelly arrived safely at the international space station. the soyuz capsule successfully docked overnight and the trio got an enthusiastic welcome once the hatch opened. he will spend 372 days aboard the laboratory twice as long as a standard mission. more on this next hour. >> one year in space. >> that's a big decision to make to be away for your family. >> two daughters at home. going to be a long trip but
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historic one. dylan is here with a check of the weather. welcome back. >> thank you. where have i been that i just realized the kelly brothers are twins. it all makes sense now. good thing for the mustache. let's look at the weather pattern, you're getting used to it, weave seeing it for months. we have a huge dip in the jet stream it is keeping things cold down south. last thing you want to see as we finish march, we have freeze warnings hard freeze warnings near nashville. that's more for plants because as they're start to go bud with a couple of warmer days then you get that hard freeze and it halts things. look how cold it is. 21 in cincinnati 28 in nashville. pittsburgh only 15 degrees. slightly milder in the mid-atlantic. going through the day, we will be running 15 to 25 degrees below average. nashville not even hitting 50 degrees today. we have light snow across eastern long island. it is a slushy snow not going
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to accumulate more than on the grassy surfaces. could see enough accumulation to say enough with the snow. this cold air will continue to and a good saturday morning. a cold and windy day today. maybe a flurry or two, 38 to 41. winds gusting near 30 miles an hour later on this afternoon. sunday still cold 45 monday not bad, partly sunny 59. a clipper comes through on tuesday. could see a chance of rain possibly some snow. we warm it up by wednesday. into the 60s thursday and friday. tracking the chance for a shower possibly a thundershower on friday. have a good day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> welcome to spring, 32 degrees outside. still to come in case you missed it we have highlights with the download. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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on this saturday time for the download. the biggest most interesting stories. >> yours and yours alone. it is nearly impossible to see every story out there during the week we get it. every saturday morning we give you what you need to know. in just a few minutes, starting with a look back at the horrific tragedy in france. >> chilling evidence this plane crash in the french alps was a deliberate act. >> the pilot is heard leaving the cockpit. he tried to get back in locked by the co-pilot who ignored him. the things andreas lubitz kept hidden are emerging. torn up doctor's notes declaring him unfit to work. investigators are now analyzing reports lubitz suffered from depression. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> this war isn't worth the
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waste of human life. >> today he was charged. >> desertion. >> the war on terror rages on in the middle east. >> isis has its sights set on yemen. >> the u.s. has withdrawn military advisers. >> at home. >> a group calling itself the islamic state division posted names and addresses of 100 u.s. military. >> robert durst remains under suicide watch in new orleans. >> the judge ordered durst held without bail. >> anybody would be a fool to think there wasn't a connection between the final episode of the series and the arrest of mr. durst. >> the 2016 presidential race now officially under way, with ted cruz being the first to announce candidacy. >> i am ready to stand with you to lead the fight. >> senator cruz how are you feeling after making the announcement? >> invigorated. >> we are certainly ready for going forward, doing everything we can to turn the country
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around. >> very personal announcement. >> angelina jolie revealing she had preventive surgery to remove her ovaries. >> to reduce her chance of getting cancer. >> cancer took her grandmother, aunt and mother. >> i feel at ease with whatever will come not because i am strong but because this is part of life. >> in music, one direction says good-bye to one of its members. >> new direction for one direction. >> he told the band's 37 million followers on facebook i have to do what feels right in my heart. harry styles can be seen wiping away tears. >> and march madness heats up teams battle in the sweet 16. one wisconsin player is going viral after his stunt at a press conference. >> gosh she's beautiful. did you hear that? all right. so we will open up the questions. >> got to love that moment. we were talking earlier this
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morning, it is tough to not think about this plane crash. we have been following it all week and there are so many unanswered questions, there was an interesting piece, a friend of mine posted on facebook a woman took a flight the next morning wrote this post in her gut she was worried about getting on the plane, she knew at that point probably being on a germanwings plane was likely the safest place to be. the pilot welcomed every person. once they sat down the pilot got on said look we don't have to be here today, the company said you don't have to be here we are all here, upset, we have questions like you do. i want you to know i have kids wife family. we are going to get you there safely. we are trying to understand it too. she said it was amazing, everybody clapd. nobody was on their phone or reading the paper. it was an interesting and real moment in all these questions that we have. >> in these days flying just yesterday, you look at the
7:23 am
cockpit longer than you used to. >> absolutely. >> eye contact. i thought about that. we all travel a lot. sometimes you get on and off, sometimes you see them and you nod, you want to make eye contact and say thank you when you get off. powerful story. >> not to be lost in this the issue of mental illness in this country and around the world, one we will keep focusing on. let's talk about happy things for a moment. late night for guys and a lot of women, great time of year for sports fans. >> the big dance. >> you have to love this moment took place in wisconsin. they have been having fun with the stenographer at the games, trying to give tough words. saying anti-disestablish men tarnism. then he looked at the stenographer gosh she's beautiful. your best open mike moment. >> my goodness. >> you know what i had turned off my mike to run to the bathroom in one of my first markets, forgot to turn the mike
7:24 am
back on when i came onset. i got screamed at to the point i will never turn a mike off. always a good moment. always very careful. >> i love the fact after he was caught he goes oh. like a four-year-old. like oops. >> he was sweet the way he said it oh, my gosh she's beautiful. >> 6'8" 250. a good moment. still, getting to the bottom of a racist chant from university of oklahoma. what the school is now saying about where the chant was first learned.
7:25 am
nbc 10 breaking news. we've been following this breaking news all morning long. we want to get you up to date on this. after burning for about four hours, a warehouse fire in north philadelphia is now under control. that's the good news. here's a look at the flames from earlier this morning at the
7:26 am
vacant two-story building on westmoreland street. fire officials say a rear wall and part of the roof collapsed. nobody was hurt. service along septa's manayunk/norristown regional rail line is currently suspended because the warehouse is near the tracks. we want to get a check on the weather. we return to meteorologist michelle grossman who's tracking the possibility of flurries today, michelle? >> that's right, flurries maybe even a few showers. don't be surprised if you see flakes flying around today. the big weather headline, cold and wind. winter-like with the flurries flying around. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures so cold 35 in philadelphia, 30 in real estating, 23 in mt. pocono 37 in wildwood. winds gusting near 25 miles per hour at times. could be higher than that throughout the day. cold and windy, chance for flurries possibly a shower 38 to 41. another cold day on sunday not as windy, 45 and lots of sunshine. monday partly sunny 59.
7:27 am
those temperatures rebound nicely. back into the 40s on tuesday with a clipper system working through. temperatures warming wednesday, thursday, friday friday, 66, chance for showers. later this morning, the mt. holly police department will rcfgnize three of its fallen officers at a special 40th anniversary memorial march. it honors the lives of donald aleshire, john holmes and william wurst who were involved in a deadly altercation with a sniper on march 28th 1957 on garden street in mt. holly. the march begins at 11:00 this morning at the mt. holly police department. in about 30 minutes, the phanatic will lead the way as 5,000 racers take part in the phillies charity 5k. this is a live picture of citizens bank park. they will run around fdr park and end up at citizens bank. that's it for you. i'm rosemary connors. i'll see you in 25 minutes for another update.
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are you or are you not the messiah? >> i am. >> we are back on this saturday morning, march 28th 2015 with a scene from nbc's upcoming series ad the bible continues. this is getting huge buzz airs next week on easter sunday. coming up we are going to look at some of the faith based movies a lot of people will be watching as we approach easter and passover. this morning, look outside, people celebrating this beautiful saturday a little chilly. we head out to the plaza in a bit to say hi to everybody. spring will have sprung we are confident at some point. not yet. >> there are buds in the trees at my house. >> almost there.
7:31 am
>> it is a start. >> seen a couple tulip leaves coming out of the ground. >> we get a tease, but it goes away. >> cherry blossoms coming to d.c. soon. also coming up a story you have to see to believe. your doctor could be high stoned and treating you at the same time. jeff rossen has a startling look at how some doctors are putting their patients at risk by drinking and doing drugs and still seeing patients. >> that's a wake up call there. a little later, controversy swirling around girls creator and star after she wrote an article asking readers to jokingly identify if she was referring to her dog or jewish boyfriend. made a long list. it has a lot of people talking. we will get into more of that. we are going to begin this half hour with the investigation into that racist chant by fraternity members at the university of oklahoma. this morning, the national headquarters of sae says it is actively investigating local chapters to see if the chant that was caught on camera is
7:32 am
being said or used anywhere else. all of this as the university disciplines more students and concludes its look into where the students first learned that chant. here is nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning, the university of oklahoma's investigation into this racist chant is over after more than 160 interviews. about two dozen students have been disciplined. two were expelled. the chapter shut down. >> i think the important thing is that you take strong swift action. >> reporter: ou's president says members of sigma alpha epsilon learned it four years ago at a cruise sponsored by the national fraternity. >> over time the chant was formal liezed by the local chapter and taught to pledges. >> reporter: he says about a dozen high school students part of the recruitment activities were exposed to that chant while on the bus. >> we have zero tolerance for
7:33 am
racism in america. >> reporter: levi petit has formally apologized. >> bottom line the words said in that chant were mean hateful and racist. >> reporter: in a written statement, sae confirmed the chant was shared at a past leadership conference but said our investigation to date shows no evidence the song was widely shared across the broader organization. today on campus many students are eager to move beyond the scandal. >> you can't expel every person who, you know was involved and i don't think you should try. i think it is more about healing and changing people's mind sets. >> reporter: some still question whether the chant was more widespread nationally. >> if this comes out to be 100% true and bona fide says a lot about the organization. >> reporter: for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news norman oklahoma. getting another check of the weather from dylan who is out on the plaza. good morning. >> good morning guys. a decent day across most of the
7:34 am
country. out in the west very much above average. look at the southwest, temperatures 20 degrees above normal. 92 in vegas, 96 in phoenix, san diego, 80 degrees, san francisco, 72 with that wind off the ocean. tomorrow is warm as well. a little cooler than it is today. still looking at temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above normal. we have a little light snow back through missouri. hard to believe this morning with that high pressure bringing in some of that colder air. also light snow across the new england area where we could end up with a dusting to an inch on grassy and a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. a cold and windy day today. maybe a flurry or two, 38 to 41. winds gusting near 30 miles an hour later on this afternoon. bright sunshine on sunday still cold, 45. monday, not bad, partly sunny, 59. a clipper comes through on tuesday. temperatures into the 40s. could see a chance of rain, possibly some snow.
7:35 am
we warm it up by wednesday, 58. into the 60s thursday and friday. tracking the chance for a shower, possibly a thundershower on friday. have a good day. >> i wish i had my bright yellow jacket on today. there's a lot of yellow on the plaza. >> we are here foray awareness, a chronic people disease that one in ten men or women suffer from. we are going global women around the world are marching, here with end oh me tree owes is foundation. >> we are lucky to have you here today. thank you so much for being here. guys back inside. >> good showing by them. good work. >> dylan, thank you. next is your doctor stoned. this is an eye opening account from one doctor that says he would pop up to 100 pills a day while still seeing introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. new flonase outperforms the #1 allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory
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(the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. this morning on rossen reports, is your doctor abusing drugs or alcohol? before you answer that question wait until you see what "today" national investigative reporter jeff rossen found. >> we trust them with our lives. they take care of us operate on us but doctors, they're just
7:38 am
people too. government studies show at least 100,000 doctors, that's one in ten working today, are addicted to drugs and alcohol. some of them accused of the outrageous performing surgeries while stoned injuring even killing unsuspecting patients. before you head to the doctor's office watch this. you're watching a violent crash in progress behind the wheel, a drunk doctor reportedly heading to see patients when she flew over this median and smashed into traffic. in fact we found cases across the country, all of these doctors busted for abusing drugs or alcohol. >> there are doctors out there now under the influence of prescription narcotics, putting patients at risk. >> steven lloyd should know he was one of them opening up in a rare interview and admitting everything to us. >> at my worst i was doing 100
7:39 am
pills a day, vicodin. >> you were taking 100 pills a day. >> yes. >> and you were seeing patients. >> i was seeing patients. >> it is frightening. >> very frightening, frightening to talk about it with you now. >> dr. lloyd was an internist working in a hospital er. he says for physicians scoring pills is easy. i have ak cyst and every friend is a doctor. >> they wrote you prescriptions. >> absolutely. >> people would say i would know if my doctor was on pills. >> you like to think so truth of the matter is my patients didn't know i was using. >> he says he was never accused of harming a patient while stoned but other doctors have. >> next best doctor is neurosurgeon dr. chris tore duntsch. >> seen in this infomercial, once billed himself as the best neurosurgeon in dallas. this is one of his former patients jeff cheney. >> you can barely walk. >> correct, and it is painful. >> he went in for what the
7:40 am
doctor called routine back surgery and came out partially paralyzed. >> it is my understanding that he was under the influence while performing surgeries. >> cutting into people. >> yes. cutting into me. >> he claims the doctor was stoned while operating and removed part of his spinal cord. >> he turned me from a strong healthy man into a crippled man. >> a dozen other patients say the doctor botched their surgeries, too, turning some into paraplegics and quadriplegics, confining them to wheelchairs. according to lawsuits these two patients died after he operated on them. >> is that the kind of bottle he had under his desk? >> in this deposition one of his assistants testified he often drank at work. >> there was a bottle of vodka under his desk. >> then one of his friends described his drug use.
7:41 am
>> there's been lsd, there's been cocaine. >> the doctor denies wrongdoing but when he was under oath he kept saying this. >> i take the fifth. >> have you ever been under the influence of cocaine while you were taking care of a patient. >> i take the fifth. >> he declined our request for interview and wouldn't answer the door when i showed up at his home in dallas. but he later called me to talk. but said i wasn't allowed to record his voice. >> have you ever taken drugs or alcohol within a few hours of a surgery? no. you deny that. while he hasn't been charged with any crime and the state medical board found no evidence he was on drugs or alcohol during surgeries, his license was revoked because he violated a standard of care. dr. lloyd says it is all too common. he's been clean for ten years and says his fellow physicians need to take responsibility like
7:42 am
he is now. >> and i am not saying there's not consequences if i harmed a patient, a patient sees this interview and figures that i harmed them then there's a price to pay for me for that. >> and you're willing to pay that price. >> of course. part of getting better with addictive disease is owning mistakes of the past. >> believe it or not, there's no federal law requiring doctors to undergo random drug testing like airline pilots. lawmakers in california tried to pass a law making it mandatory for doctors after major mistakes or accidental deaths but the bill was voted down recently. victims advocates will continue to fight to get random drug testing. >> that's so eye opening and unreal. >> you were saying you're afraid of doctors anyway. >> doctor person that kind of makes me not want to be one. >> which is unfortunate, there are so many people out there obviously that are not under the influence. >> i come from a family of doctors, you have to be your own advocate. any time you go to a medical
7:43 am
facility you have to ask the right questions. be your own advocate. >> his point was the doctor was so candid with us and we thank him for that really pay attention, anyone can be fooled. >> great report. thanks. up next. how running helped save one woman after she lost her husband, a navy pilot. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair... ...and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®.
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for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. this morning in our series run for today, there's no question a lot of people turn to exercise and running to help them deal with pain that can come from trauma in their lives. >> the woman you're about to meet did just that hitting the pavement in memory and honor of her late husband. >> reporter: for colleen o'hare running always a passion took on new meaning when her husband, a navy pilot was killed on a test flight. >> it allowed me to process grief. >> reporter: suddenly a single mother with three children under the age of four colleen found new strength in her miles.
7:46 am
>> there was a grief counselor that i had be going to said the only way beyond grief is through it. okay. this is my way. >> reporter: she and her husband ray had been training for a 195 mile relay race before his death. one month after the accident colleen laced up with friends and family. >> the last leg was the whole team and i did feel at that time that he was with us and i felt proud, that he would be proud of me too. >> reporter: 15 years later, she's still running, but no longer solely as a way to process grief. over the years, colleen's miles have taken on new meaning. >> i tend to run alone. i find when it is just me and the elements sometimes just stopping and taking a second and looking at the world around me i see it in a different way. >> reporter: in 2014 she ran the boston marathon raising nearly $11,000 for bringing ham women's hospital. a few weeks later, finished a
7:47 am
relay for children of fallen patriots foundation which helps children including colleen's own kids pay for their college education. >> gives them a chance to see even though their dad died almost 15 years ago, it still matters. still matters to people. >> it just seems like something people wouldn't care about much. sorry. but to see that everybody cares so much. >> reporter: this year elizabeth, now 18 and her siblings 19-year-old katie, 15-year-old tommy, will run this 500 for the fallen relay with their mother. >> i am excited because not only to experience everyone else being there and their emotion but as a family we've never done a race together. >> reporter: lieutenant commander raymond o'hare is buried at arlington national cemetery where the race will finish on memorial day. >> have you thought about what
7:48 am
it will be like here at the end of your race? that relay memorial day will be like for you guys? >> i am sure it will be very powerful it will be so patriotic, so many other people have gone through similar situations. >> i think it will be emotional, being in arlington makes me feel like a part of him is still here. >> reporter: a relay to honor a husband, father and so many others who gave their lives, and reminder of that first relay 15 years ago that helped colleen find her footing in the wake of unbearable loss. >> i feel so blessed, i am able to be out there and running because i know a lot of people can't. >> the 500 for the fallen relay takes place over memorial day weekend, starts in massachusetts and ends at arlington national cemetery. they're all running, colleen and her three kids that last leg together. meantime before that colleen
7:49 am
and her oldest daughter katie are joining us in new york running their first half marathon with us in central park. we have been so inspired by all of the stories you shared with us and why you run, that's no reason to stop. keep them coming. use the #runfortoday. >> their dad would be so proud of his kids those daughters. >> that's what colleen says he really would be. great family. >> great story. up next we head to the orange room for simple solutions to problems like is there a song stuck in your head? the brain freeze? ever get that from ice cream? we are back with answers. this is "today" on nbc.
7:50 am
7:51 am
back now on a saturday morning. if you ever suffered from brain freeze you know how awful it can be. >> we think we have a solution. sheinelle is in the orange room
7:52 am
with that and other tips to get through that and other pesky situations. >> these are unscientific cures or body hacks we found, compliments of they were so good we had to share. here we go. according to, if you want to take care of that brain freeze eat something too cold put your thumb on the roof of your mouth might help. finish that ice cream pop, go like this. we have another one. you have that song stuck in your head. let me show you how to fix it. we have a puzzle here. try working on a puzzle. apparently it will focus concentration and get rid of that annoying one. and who knew this solution was simple. blow on your thumb. you'll feel more relaxed.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
nbc 10 breaking news. we continue to follow breaking news. a warehouse fire in north philadelphia is disrupting septa service, trains on the manayunk/norristown regional rail line isare suspended until
7:56 am
further notice. the fire started about 2:30 this morning. it took firefighters four hours to get it under control. nobody was hurt. investigators are looking into exactly what caused the blaze. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle? >> it's a cold and windy one winter-like this weekend. cold today, not quite as cold on sunday. a live look outside, whipping the flags around. the wind in place all day long. 36 in dover and 35 in atlantic city. for today, cold and windy day, a flurry or two, also a shower, 38 to 41. typically 57. 45 lots of sunshine monday rebounding nicely. 59 windy, mild tuesday, a clipper comes through, we could see a chance for rain possibly some snow and a warming trend wednesday, thursday and friday. one worker is dead two others are injured after an explosion at a berks county
7:57 am
titanium plan the. it happened at the timet plant on hemlock road in morgantown late last night. the cause of the deadly explosion is under investigation. in other news today, drexel university is hosting an inçdoor triathlon to benefit the children's hospital of philadelphia. that happens at the school's rec center. participants of the triathlon will use the treadmills stationary bikes and the swimming pool. also today, a commune in the montgomery county will finally have its st. patrick's day. the event in conshohocken was postponed from two weeks ago because of the rain. keep in mind the street will be shut down earlier than 2:00 to get ready for the parade. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, it is saturday march 28th 2015. here is a look at today's top stories. finally free. amanda knox speaking out on the high court ruling that acquitted her of charges. it is the end of a legal road for the american convicted twice of murder finally allowing amanda to begin a new life. warning signs. new questions about the mental health of the co-pilot of that plane that crashed into the alps. some reports claim he was being treated for depression. we have the latest on that from germany. and a year in space, the mission is now under way as astronaut scott kelly begins his yearlong stint at the international space station. this as scientists study his twin brother here on earth to study the effect of space on the
8:01 am
human body. could it lead to a breakthrough for a future mission to mars? good morning, welcome to "today" on saturday morning. we stepped outside to join the crowd on this chilly spring morning. one more time let me hear you, huh? >> screaming that loud at 8:00 in the morning. >> it is a frigid way to start your spring. peter alexander in for lester holt alongside erica hill and dylan dreyer. >> nice to see you. you were off last weekend, much deserved weekend off. >> every six month trip to vegas. got that out of the way. >> big gambler. >> not a big gambler. that sounds terrible. i like playing games. lots to get to. sheinelle has the latest on amanda knox's reaction to acquit al of murder charges.
8:02 am
>> amanda knox speaking out. kelly kelly could he be bea. >> reporter: good morning to you. the murder case against amanda knox is closed. supreme court judges completely exonerating her and her former italian boyfriend, rafael ee sollecito. she emerged from her home surrounded by family and her fiance last night for a brief statement, saying she was so grateful talking about the victim meredith kercher. >> meredith was my friend and i'm the lucky one. >> reporter: knox was convicted of murdering kercher in 2009 acquitted in 2011 then convicted again last year. after more than ten hours of deliberations here in rome the
8:03 am
judges overturned that last verdict and said these two people did not commit the crime. the kercher family in a statement said they were shocked by the decision but that they accepted it. this is the final ruling here. no appeals. no retrials. case closed. and sheinelle, we have it under good authority that amanda knox now looks forward to coming back to italy. >> interesting note. kelly cobiella in rome thank you. to germany where new information is surfacing about the co-pilot that brought down that plane in the french alps. katy tur is in his hometown. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. investigators are trying to piece together who was andreas lubitz and what could have possibly motivated him. as recovery workers comb through the alps picking up debris and body parts, investigators here are combing through his life both here and his apartment in
8:04 am
dusseldorf. so far they recovered doctors notes that excused him from work the day of the crash, doctors notes ripped up and thrown in a trash can instead of given to lufthansa. "the wall street journal" reports the doctor's notes were writd enby a neuro psychologist treating depression. nbc news has not been able to confirm that. as of now, reports of an ex-girlfriend from the german tabloids that say he told her he was planning something big that he would be remembered for. nbc news also not able to confirm that. investigators are taking all of this into account to figure out who he was, why he did it and whether or not they can stop something like this from ever happening again. sheinelle? >> katy tur, thank you. authorities in new york are investigating whether a third person is missing in a massive building collapse. at least 22 people were hurt in an apparent gas line explosion thursday that leveled three apartment buildings. officials say special canine units will be dispatched today to search rubble.
8:05 am
they warn a fourth building is at risk of collapsing. a california jury ruled friday a mess teenager us venture capital firm did not short-circuit the career of a former partner because she's a woman. ellen powell filed a $60 million lawsuit claiming she was fired when she complained about discrimination at the firm. they contended powell was a difficult employee who failed to grow into the role of venture capitalist. and in south carolina an unusual scene after a sky diving plane makes an emergency landing. the drama began thursday night when the pilot made an emergency landing on a highway after the engine stopped. friday the plane was towed back onto the highway, with a fleet of emergency vehicles surrounding it as you see here it lifted into the sky to the delight of onlookers. now to indiana, opponents of a controversial new religious freedom bill say they'll rally later at the statehouse in indianapolis. the measure set off a storm of
8:06 am
protests with critics saying it will legalize discrimination against gays. hillary clinton, apple ceo tim cook and others criticize that. they call for the final four to be moved from indiana. speaking of the final four the tournament is down to the elite 8, and it was a big win last night for 7 seed michigan state, knocking out 3 seed oklahoma. looking ahead to today, kentucky and notre dame face off in cleveland, while wisconsin takes on arizona. finally, he's back. a massive alligator who caused an even bigger social media buzz has once again been spotted at a florida golf course. the 12 to 13 foot gator returned. he was first seen strolling on the seventh green earlier this month. not sure how to take that. >> what's in his mouth? >> it is massive. >> bob, i think your ball is
8:07 am
over there. >> right here. >> in his defense, golf is addicting. can't stop himself. >> look at that. >> i am staying clear of goliath. what's the forecast today? >> you can golf in florida, up here it is cold man. we have a dip in the jet stream that's not going away any time soon. there's really no change to this pattern. the cold stretching all the way down south. we have frost advisories freeze warnings even a hard freeze warning back in nashville where temperatures are very very cold as you wake up on this saturday morning. we have current temperatures only 27 in nashville, 21 in cincinnati 19 in detroit. in the mid-30s along the coach. jacksonville 44 degrees. that's chilly there, too. afternoon highs 15 to 25 degrees below average. we also have a little light snow across southern new england, even into eastern long island. we are looking at the possibility of an inch or two, but mostly on grassy surfaces
8:08 am
it is a wet, slushy snow. on the back side even more cold air works in. couple of showers through the midwest and a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. a cold and windy day today. maybe a flurry or two, 38 to 41. winds gusting near 30 miles an hour later on this afternoon. sunshine on sunday still cold 45. monday, not bad, partly sunny, 59. a clipper comes through on tuesday. could see a chance of rain, possibly some snow. we warm it up by wednesday. into the 60s thursday and friday. tracking the chance for a shower, possibly a thundershower on friday. have a good day. >> it is cold man, i can't believe i said that. kelly and two russian cosmonauts got to the international space station last
8:09 am
night. scott kelly's twin brother will be on the ground helping scientists understand the effects of space on the body. >> it is the beginning of a rare twin study with the hope of understanding what it may take to prepare someone to endure space travel to reach a planet far, far away. overnight, mission accomplished. the soyuz capsule, carrying astronaut scott kelly and two cosmonauts docking with the international space station. when the three arrived inside hand shakes and hugs all around at kelly's home for the next year. an american astronaut has never stayed in space that long. his twin married to congresswoman gabrielle giffords was there for the liftoff. >> really proud of him. >> mark is grounded still very much a part of the mission.
8:10 am
scientists will closely monitor the identical twin brothers comparing what happens to scott's brain and body in space to what happens to mark here on earth. >> this is one step in the right direction to understand how do you send people into space for long periods of time which we will need if we ever want to send somebody to the planet mars. >> as mark points out. >> if he bumps his head in space, am i going to feel it unlikely. >> how does one handle space travel for a year. scott spoke about it before liftoff. >> i am intentionally not thinking of any kind of countdown, i think i have to handle this flight on a day-by-day basis. >> scott's girlfriend handles public relations for nasa. >> i will certainly miss him, i already miss him now. it is something we are both passionate about, we are excited for this mission. >> this is scott kelly's fourth space trip. and there's no coming home barring a space emergency. case in point, scott was in orbit in 2011 when his
8:11 am
sister-in-law, congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot. he stayed in space and completed the mission. guys? >> long time to be there. they could learn a lot. rehema thanks. now what could throw off the food chain in the ever grades. recent study shows pythons are turning the natural balance of that ecosystem upside down eating practically everything in their path. here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: florida's everglades are home to alligators and unfortunately burmese pythons. pythons like this record 17 foot snake are up ending this fragile ecosystem. captured wild rabbit like these were fixed with radio transmitters and released. researchers tracked the signals. an astonishing 77% of marsh rabbit turned up in the bellies
8:12 am
of hungry pythons. >> i was not expecting pythons to have the level of impact we saw in this study at all. >> rabbit breed like rabbit who would think a python would wipe them out. >> precisely. >> reporter: in port saint lucy it wasn't radio collared rabbit but rather pet cats. >> saw the snake wrapping around the cat, just squishing it. >> reporter: police captured it it was 12 feet long. >> data collected is the first of its time if scientists believe there are up to 100,000 of them in the everglades this study suggests a domino effect. these exotic snakes are competing for the same food animals that belong here usually eat. >> we know that that environment will change as a function of loss of mammals here. >> reporter: how did the pythons get here? someone released a pet snake
8:13 am
because it had grown too large to keep it home. >> ideally we would like to get rid of this animal does not belong here it is exotic invasive. if that's not possible figure out a way to mitigate effects or impacts on the ecosystem. >> the fear is they take over all of this. >> yes. >> reporter: in one documented case of a python versus king of the jungle the python won. when it swallowed the gator it exploded now the explosion of pythons in the everglades could be trouble for everyone involved. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. >> last time a python eats a gator. >> i don't know if he got the word out to his friends before the ultimate explosion. still to come the ladies of nbc and i, we are going to get in on march madness action. we want to see how your field stacks up to ours. >> mine looks great as you can
8:14 am
see. >> b ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man. wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry! now get 20% off when you buy two select bags of scotts fertilizer at lowe's.
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8:17 am
we are talking basketball this morning, down to the elite eight or elite zero if you look at my brackets. we thought it was a good time to see how we are doing in our friendly march madness competition. >> i haven't been here the past weekend, i am new to this. let me make sure i do this properly. how about them gone zag a bulldogs. >> i have them. >> butler winning it all. butler no longer in the tournament now. >> what does this mean does she get points? >> she gets points if she got it right. this team lost here. problematic they were continuing up. asking these questions after filling out a bracket.
8:18 am
sheinelle, pride of wichita. wichita state winning it all. unfortunately wichita state lost a week ago, couple days ago to notre dame. still have duke going the distance. >> that gets her points. >> i don't understand any of this. >> i am not sure how we come up with the points system. >> green check is good. that is bad. dylan, looking strong out of the gate except the team she picked to win it all lost up here they're done. arizona is still alive. you're strong on the left side. >> so what does that mean? >> we will show the points. so here is where things stand. look at the leader board. >> sheinelle and dylan were tied last weekend. peter is in first. >> welcome to the party. >> we didn't see your bracket before. it just appears. >> for what it is worth, my daughter that's 20 months old
8:19 am
filled out the bracket. do you like the spartans or sooners. spartans. there's my bracket. i have kentucky winning it all over villanova, have gonzaga moving on my career began in spokane out of college. try to take this on the airplane and get through tsa. a little weird. >> we had a friendly wager, too, that craig melvin threw out there, dylan you missed it person in last place, currently me has to cook brunch segment for the rest of us. now you're part of it. >> person that wins cooks? >> i am withoutabout to win. you have to cook for me. >> you bring the cocktails. one of tv's funniest new come december rolling out the red carpet. taking you right to the set of "sirens."
8:20 am
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correxion® 5 in 1. it's high performance skincare™ only from roc®. nbc 10 breaking news. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a warehouse fire in north philadelphia is disrupting septa service. trains on the manayunk/norristown regional rail line are suspended until further notice and some bus routes are being detoured.
8:26 am
the fire started in a vacant building on westmoreland street around 2:30 this morning. it took firefighters about four hours to get the flames under control. fire officials tell us that a rear wall and part of the roof collapsed. we are told that nobody was hurt. investigators are now looking into exactly what caused this blaze. now to our weekend weather. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking chilly temperatures outside. michelle? >> oh, yes, cold winter-like. as we head throughout today and also on sunday temperatures in the 40s today. a live look outside. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. we'll see mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures mainly in the 30s, 34 in philadelphia 31 in reading, 35 in atlantic city. 36 degrees in dover. you factor in the winds, it feels colder than that. so today, cold and windy. we're looking at the chance for flurries possibly a shower 38 to 41. not quite as cold on sunday. still in the mid-40s. lots of sunshine monday the temperatures rebound to 59 degrees, partly cloudy tuesday we drop back to the 40s.
8:27 am
we see a clipper moving through, bringing the chance for rain or snow and then we start a warming trend, wednesday, thursday, friday. by friday, temperatures in the mid-60s. new from overnight, an explosion at a berks county titanium plant killed one worker and injured two others. this happened at the timet plant late last night. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this deadly blast. a 5k race is under way right now in south philadelphia. 5,000 participants hit the streets around citizens bank park at 8:00 this morning. the event raises money for phillies charities groups which awards grants to a variety of local organizations every year. that will do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. michelle grossman and i will see you right back here at 9:00 for a full hour of news. have a good one.
8:28 am
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your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. happy anniversary, mom and dad. >> the "today," all the way from reagan county high school. >> celebrating my tenth birthday today. >> check me out! i am famous! we are back this saturday morning, march 28th 2015. feels a bit like january outside. a good group of folks out on rockefeller plaza with us this
8:31 am
morning. thanks to you for saying hi and stopping by. spring will come soon. we have faith. still to come in this half hour 2014 was dubbed the year of the bible by hollywood. but faith based movies have been around for decades, with passover easter next week we are going to look at some of the most popular faith based flicks. when it comes to tv these guys may not be the ones you call in an emergency, at least an emergency in your personal life but the cast of "sirens" is having fun on and off screen. had a great chance to visit them onset, we will take you behind the scenes and maybe, just maybe somebody finally achieved a dream of being a doctor. >> nice. >> reporting for duty. later, do you love kale never know how to cook it? what about seeds, cal flour, sardines. >> getting them into a recipe
8:32 am
can be tricky. we have a california chef. >> they do it right in california. we begin with the newest controversy surrounding actress writer lena dunham. this time she may be stepping at it coming under fire for present stereotypes in a magazine article. here is jacob ras cone. >> i pee in every bathtub i get in and i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: raising eyebrows and pushing the nefl on and off her show "girls" is what actress writer lena dunham does best. what was meant to be her latest joke a so-called quiz in the new yorker some find not so funny. the article asks do the following statements refer to my dog or jewish boyfriend, including the tame he is crazy for cream cheese also the more biting he doesn't tip or bring
8:33 am
his wallet anywhere expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life and anything less than that makes him whiney and distant. overall, a tasteless article that plays with offensive stereotypes. reaction online was similar. i am horrified by the casual anti-semitism in her article. it is just not funny comparing jews to dogs period. it is adl saying it is particularly troubling. others saw her poking fun at her own heritage. her mother is jewish and in fact her boyfriend is as well. new yorker editor in chief defends the piece, saying it is rich in modern tradition. pointing to lenny bruce, larry david, sarah silverman. >> it feels very arbitrary. >> reporter: the star known for pushing boundaries is feeling
8:34 am
the push back. for "today," jacob ras cone nbc news los angeles. dylan is here with a final check of the weather for us. >> we have a great crowd. they performed at carnegie hall last night. what was that like? >> singing at carnegie hall was the most incredible feeling ever you really can't describe what's going on in your mind. >> i have no musical tal environments, i can't imagine what it is like. but welcome to the "today" show. let's look at the weather. high pressure in control across the eastern half of the country, keeping us cold mostly dry. we have a couple of snow showers across new england, mostly accumulating on grassy surfaces. out west the flip to that. the heat temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above average. into seattle, 50s and 60s with rain showers. more rain sunday. could see a wintry mix in and a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman.
8:35 am
a cold and windy day today. maybe a flurry or two, 38 to 41. winds gusting near 30 miles an hour later on this afternoon. sunshine on sunday, still cold, 45. monday, not bad, partly sunny, 59. a clipper comes through on tuesday. temperatures into the 40s. could see a chance of rain, possibly some snow. we warm it up by wednesday, 58. into the 60s thursday and friday. tracking the chance for a shower, possibly a thundershower on friday. have a good day. >> and that's the latest. >> thank you, dylan. coming up your weekend movie ticket for some of the most popular faith based films. as we go to commercial break, sing us to the break. ♪ before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
this morning in "today" movie ticket there's plenty of buzz over the premier on easter of ad the bible. >> we thought it was a good time to look at famous films inspired by the good book. >> reporter: the best selling book of all time had the faithful and after i did movie goeer flock to theaters. >> thanks to releases like "son of god" "exodus", and "noah"
8:39 am
now is the time to watch your favorites in your own home. like the ten commandments ben hur, and cuomo"o, god." from the mega animated to the blockbuster with humor in between. sure the good book often translates to hollywood success. if these movies are any indication faith can be funny. >> see you around kid. >> where you going? >> i'm taking a vacation. >> god doesn't take vacations, does he? do he? >> you ever hear of the dark ages. >> reporter: as you dye easter eggs or sit down for passover saider press pause. if you can't fight the temptation to sing no worries. no matter what you celebrate, if
8:40 am
sister mary clearance had a say, we'd have a say. ♪ >> your a big "sister act" fan. i like it. what else is out there, what may be a good pick? we turn to comedian host of not so skinny mom. and alicia e news correspondent. nice to have you all with us. good morning. >> nice to see you guys. before we get to the movies if we can quickly, the bible series we have been talking about it. there's a new one coming to nbc easter sunday. this has been the faith franchise has been popular a long time dates back a long time. why do you think faith based films are so popular and moving? >> it is a combination of things the stories do well at the box office and tv ratings that hollywood notice they're like we need to do more of that. with so much ugliness around the
8:41 am
world, people are looking for stories that are comforting make them feel good give them hope help them get through another day. that's why these movies and tv shows are successful giving people stories they want and need. >> we broke these films into three categories we have epics, comedies family films. start with the especiallypicsepics. >> my favorite ten commandments one of the best movies made. at the time it was the most expensive movie made. at the time made the most money ever 123 million at the box office stars charleston hesse ton as moses. >> so now we move on to the come december. >> faith based comedy. my first faith based comedy
8:42 am
segment. sister act, oh, god, and why sister act? >> whoopi goldberg. it was heart warming, there was a message. any time you have a nun cracking jokes, i'm in. i think everybody is in. in the '90s it was the highest grossing film. >> oh, god with george burns. >> yes, george burns playing god, not what you're expecting, right? horrible impression but george burns. he was so good in this role it spawned a franchise. he had his own franchise, that's how crazy hollywood was in the late '70s and '80s. george burns, come on. >> got to love it. talk about a classic. >> also kid friendly movies. what do we have for picks on these. >> it is coming. >> millions. i don't know what that is. >> this is a super underrated
8:43 am
gem from director dan boil. did slum dog millionaire. sweet story about kids that find a bag of money from the sky, maybe god sent it. it is a sweet story about helping those less fortunate than you. >> great picks. nice to have you all with us. thanks for coming in. happy easter happy passover everything you're celebrating. enjoy your movie watching. >> happy all things faithful. do you believe, that's a question we are talking about this next week on "today," we kickoff a week long series on spirituality and faith. it all starts tomorrow. up next we go behind the scenes of the comedy "sirens," including a special guest role for someone who looks familiar. >> dr. hill. >> dr. hill is in the house. first, this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
back a behind the scenes look at a comedy featuring first responders. >> now in its second season "sirens" which airs on usa is from denis leary, bob fisher. we played a visit to the chicago set for a firsthand look at the fun on and off camera. >> you're never going to finish that burrito. >> yes, i am. >> they're not the first responders you're used to seeing on tv. >> navy s.e.a.l.s. >> no, easter seals. >> it is a workplace comedy. workplace happens to be set in the world of emts and police officers. >> a formula that offers more more lee bay for the cast. >> i am a good actor, not enough to convince myself i am an md. >> three emts who may be good at saving other people's lives,
8:47 am
aren't adept at dealing with their own. >> our sex life is perfectly fine. >> fine. >> let's go. >> they're joined by cops billy. >> can i date your sister? >> and teresa. >> she's a terrible girlfriend. >> who just moved in with johnny in season two. >> really flushed out a lot of the characters and their relationships. >> more rounded out. >> something each of the actors mentioned the day we visited the chicago set. >> nice to have a team of people everybody can watch. like oh man, i love you guys on the show. >> it is a team sport. >> a team sport. that's exactly it. >> as for the set, josh gave us the grand tour. >> the vending machines there don't work. that's a fake wall. see if this works. no. >> plenty about the show is working. >> great guest stars this year feel the show itself has grown up. >> they even let yours truly try
8:48 am
a few lines, fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a doctor or playing one on tv. >> i have a lot of faith in you. >> nothing liken couragement from the co-creator bob fisher and last minute advice from richie key. >> we all worked hard lots of writing on this for us. >> no pressure there. >> sorry. >> i'm sorry. sorry. >> in the end, it all came together. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to intrude, i'll come back in a bit. >> thanks. >> and it was easy to see why this cast and crew loved their jobs so much. >> like a bunch of friends in real life. so when they call action we are the same people we are always busting each other's beans. >> it is the most fun show. you can crack jokes with each other, everyone has their own sense of timing their own comedy it is great. >> a formula they hope will carry "sirens" into a third
8:49 am
season and beyond. >> did somebody call for a doctor? >> they have so much fun. the cast and the crew are a blast. they were here with us last year on the plaza, we were joking with them mike mosley hadn't gotten a second season they're on the way to more than one. >> i see an emmy coming. that whistle was good. >> it airs tuesday if you would like to watch it. mike has uncanny resemblance to willie geist. dylan is in the orange room with today's plaza fan of the day. >> celebrating birthdays, 70th and 75th birthday. sandy levy with your family. >> yes. >> you're from atlanta. >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. still to come on "today," a little help up in the kitchen to get some super foods into your diet. but first, these messages! if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more."
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this morning in "today's" kitchen, we are digging into so-called super foods. you probably hear this term a lot these days and you're seeing more of them at your local super market and farmers market. but what do you do with foods that are supposed to be so good with you. nice to have you with us. >> happy to be here. >> i was in the bay area. you have this amazing produce that makes its way east. >> monterey county is home to several super foods. we are going to talk about cal flour. >> i started making rice. what are other things you can do. >> it is the most versatile vegetable. doing a shaved salad. we are shaving it over the top. red onion in there, add almonds, chopped parsley. it is a simple vinaigrette,
8:53 am
lemon, olive oil, salt pepper. >> what makes that a super food. >> a lot of vitamin b, a brain super charger. not only are you smarter for eat tg but smart i by eat tg. >> a win-win. >> it is raw. >> side to sandwiches mix it up. when you get a chance take a bite. i will take the entire bowl. >> i have kale. i love it in restaurants, at home i don't know what to do. >> a lot of people don't process it enough. massage oil into it sea salt use a sweeter dressing it balances the earthiness. what we are doing is a relish. doing a beautiful oregano, parsley, in our salad. that goes over a grilled steak. >> a little radicchio. not the most popular super food. the kale number one seed when it comes to the super food bracket. we have grilled steak there.
8:54 am
nice thing about kol flower loaded it chlorophyll. it is a barbeque best friend. right over the top of a sliced steak, grab a bite. >> that smells good. >> that's amazing. >> good times. i got stuck with sardines. i think you were in charge of divvying up things. >> lucky. >> why am i lucky. >> what we are going to do dress these first. drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper. you got lucky, they're loaded with omega-3 fatty acid more than salmon. they're richly dense. super green list of month way bay aquarium. they're sustainable and fast regenerating. after we do that we pop them in the broiler. this comes out. >> how long in the broiler. >> four minutes, four or five minutes, depending on the temperature. those are spooned over this beautiful bean salad. beans are a great contrast they're not only a neutral
8:55 am
pallet but high in fiber, protein, and lower your cholesterol. >> okay. you hear about chee a seeds and everything. >> you have chia that's sesame seeds are loaded with copper great for collagen and luscious lips. we are doing johnny cakes, a corn pancake. if you want to take that mixture of seeds, sprinkle it on. when we flip these, the seeds get nice and toasted. you're like the super food fairy dust. now if you scoop a little sweet yogurt on the one left. drop a few more seeds on it. >> we were wondering, difference between a sardine and anchovy. >> very different.
8:56 am
>> you can find these recipes at >> that's going to do it this saturd good morning. i'm rosemary connors. the search is on for the cause of this inferno that roared through a philadelphia warehouse. it took hours for fire crews to bring the flames under control. we're live at the scene with details on how it's affecting public transportation. a workplace tragedy in berks county. one is dead two others hurt in an explosion at a titanium plant in morgantown. temperatures by the 30s. we'll have a big-time warmup by the end of the workweek. details straight ahead. no one will be charged when a little girl tried to go for a bus ride by herself. what she tried to get in the middle of the night and what a septa worker did to try to keep
8:57 am
her & that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
8:58 am
8:59 am
nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, a warehouse fire kept crews busy through the early morning hours. it's now under control but still impacting septa service in the area. we'll hear from the fire chief coming up in a live report. in berks county investigators want to know what triggered an explosion at a titanium plan that the killed one worker and injured two others. the calendar says spring but it feels more like winter. it's windy out there this morning as we take a live look over philadelphia. how long this cold blast will last, we'll talk about it coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking temperatures in the 30s right now right michelle? >> yes, we're in the 30s. it is cold. it's going to be cold all day long. actually a cold weekend before
9:00 am
we start to see the temperatures rebound, especially by the end the workweek. temperatures in the 30s, mostly cloudy skies outside. a live view from our adventure aquarium camera. radar showing us we are tracking flurries, snow showers out there. it looks like winter feels like winter and the temperatures are showing that. just below freezing in horsham. to the north and west a lot of temperatures at or below freezing right now. 29 degrees in lancaster, the south and east same story. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. 36 at the atlantic city airport and 37 in woodbine. factor in the winds, they will be a factor all day long it feels like the 20s. 27 in philadelphia the wind chill in allentown is 20. look at the wind chill in lancaster, the teens. so for today, plan on a cold and windy day. 37 by 11:00. by 1:00, mostly cloudy. temperatures not climb


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